Dispelling Some of the Misconceptions and Falsehoods Concerning Vaping

There has been much controversy recently concerning vaping. There’s lots of misinformation, half-truths and a great number of people that have already made their mind up about how this particular activity stacks up against smoking things like cigarettes, pipes or cigars. With all that said, Clearing the air on vaping is important to dispel some of the myths, rumors and plain out falsehoods concerning this activity, especially as it relates to comparing it to smoking tobacco products.

One concern that many people have highlighted in recent years is the fact that vaping isn’t regulated nearly as stringently as tobacco products are. This lack of regulation is concerning in the respect that vaping companies may have mysterious chemicals that make up a product like a vaping liquid. However, simply because vaping isn’t regulated the same way that tobacco products are doesn’t mean that it’s inherently bad. In fact, virtually all vaping manufacturers, especially those that manufacture vaping solutions and liquids, clearly spell out all the ingredients that are used to create this type of liquid.

There has also been concerns that vaping is a gateway to smoking. However, recent studies have shown that actually, the opposite is true. While vaping isn’t officially considered a smoking cessation method, many people have gone from smoking tobacco products to vaping. In addition, studies have shown that people who take up vaping rather than tobacco have a much smaller chance of transitioning into tobacco products. In many cases, people who vap either continue to do so without using tobacco products or give up vaping as well.

The last misconception is that vaping is more expensive than smoking tobacco products. However, comparing this to cigarette smoking, the numbers bear out that vaping is much less expensive. Price comparisons indicate that while the initial expense for vaping equipment can be significant, on average, a person will spend around $800 per year vaping. That is compared to a national average of around $2200 per year for a person who smokes a pack of cigarettes per day.

There are plenty of other misconceptions surrounding vaping and there is still yet much information that will be learned throughout the years as this activity continues to grow in popularity. However, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that a knee-jerk reaction or a preconceived notion of vaping as being bad in and of itself, or even worse than tobacco usage, is unfounded.