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How to Find the Right Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning is one of the important financial activities most people struggle with, especially when it comes to hiring an attorney. If you know what makes a good estate attorney, you will not struggle to determine whether the ones you will be referred to will be the best to work with. Below are three ways that will help you find the right estate lawyer.

Find Out Whether Your Financial Planner Knows a Good Estate Lawyer

If you have a personal financial planner, ask him or her for advise on how to handle estate planning. The financial planner may also know of good estate lawyers that can help you with the matter.

Estate planning is a crucial part of financial planning that all advisors know about. It is common practice for financial advisors to regularly refer clients who are serious about their wealth management to estate attorneys. You should bring up the issue of estate planning with your financial advisor if you haven’t discussed it already. You can even go a step further to inquire which lawyer the advisor used when handling estate planning issues. Sometimes, the advisor’s estate attorney may be a good fit for you.

Your Accountant Can Refer You to a Good Attorney

Estate planning involves various financial aspects such as income tax issues. When it comes to tax issues, most attorneys work with accountants to ensure their clients’ best interest are put in place. Therefore, it does not hurry to find out whether your accountant knows of an estate lawyer that will be a good fit for you. The accountants can refer you to estate lawyers that have a great reputation in your city.

At the same time, many accountants work with estate attorneys when handling the financials of their clients. Trusted accounts usually know the family and financial situation of their clients and in most cases, will bring in an attorney to help with estate planning.

Ask for Referrals from Other Lawyers

In the past, you may have had to involve an attorney in different matters. For example, if you have started a business, you may have contacted an attorney to help you with the legal setup of the type of company you are running. In most cities, players in the legal industry are closely-knit. Attorneys who may be specialized in different field know each other well and may even work together from time to time. Chances are that an attorney you have worked with in the past knows an estate attorney that can help you. Therefore, ask around. Moreover, attorneys are usually happy to refer clients to other attorneys that with different expertise because this will lead to reciprocal business.

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