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Does Your Pet Dog Need Vitamins? There are several important reasons why pet dogs should be given vitamins. Although you may be giving an adequate amount of good quality dog food and treats, these may still not contain the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to keep them in good health. Older dogs require vitamins to make sure they still get enough nutrients even if they are not eating as much. What kind of vitamins should dogs receive? It is important to know the purpose of each vitamin. Vitamin A keeps your dog’s skin healthy by keeping it free from irritation and flakiness. Vitamin D is for teeth and bone health. Golden retrievers and other breeds of dogs can be prone to hip problems as well as arthritis so it is very important that they take Vitamin D.
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Vitamin E helps maintain beautiful skin and healthy cells. For blood clotting, Vitamin K is necessary. For healthy skin, blood and muscles, dogs should take Vitamin B. Vitamin C, an antioxidant, is essential for a healthy and strong immune system.
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It is a subject of discussion whether vitamin supplements are still necessary if a dog is being fed good quality dog food. Expert dog owners understand that a balanced diet should still be supplemented with high quality vitamins. Due to the cooking process, however, the important nutrients found in dog food can be destroyed. Dog food will usually contain the average amount of nutrients but not the other essential nutrients required to fight diseases. Vitamins are essential in regulating your pet dog’s metabolism. Vitamins are separated into two categories. Vitamin B and C are considered water soluble vitamins and these should be replenished regularly. Fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K, are stored in the liver and fatty tissue and are not required to be replenished everyday. Nutritional supplements also contain minerals which work to keep body fluids in check. Your dog should have the proper balance of quality dog food and raw food, and of course, high quality nutritional supplements. Take a good look at your pet dog and see if he looks healthy. If you cannot tell, take him for a check up with the community vet so they can do the necessary tests. Your vet is capable of recommending the correct type of Top Dog vitamin to keep your pet healthy and strong. Remember to take your dog to regular check ups. As a responsible dog owner, you should make sure that your dog is always healthy and strong and free from sickness and diseases.