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Why You Should Use Granite And Marble On Your Home

The coolest way to perfecting kitchen countertops today is by use of these valuable stones. These stones are long-lasting, heat resistant, luxurious and outstandingly beautiful and are a reasonable addition to your home. But with the varied types of both the engineered and natural stones, picking the right stones that complement your kitchen can be a tough undertaking. You may choose to find out the best stones, but in the end, each of these stones will their right or wrong side. With that in mind, it is important that you assess only those that fit your needs.

Granite and marble are the most sought-after natural stones among the builders and homeowners. For the reason that they both have a wide variety applications and unique features of granite and marble, majority of the homeowners and builders would use granite and marble for countertops.

Granite and marble are used as countertops because they last longer and are resistant to heat. Granite and marble are believed to be the most durable material among all the other natural stones. Therefore, most property owners and builders would decide to use granite and marble since they are more durable than the rest.

Granite is one of the most typical types of natural igneous rock that creating gorgeous crystalline textures. Because it is a hard stone; granite would be preferable for kitchen countertops and bathroom floors as well since it is both heat and scratch resistant.

Granite is developed when rocks are exposed to high temperatures and extremely high pressure for years, so no two pieces of this natural stone are similar. This particular feature attracts homeowners who desire a unique space for sure. Granite countertops exist in many forms of naturally occurring designs and colors, ranging from neutral deep blue or green. This type of natural countertops would fit uniquely to kitchen and bathroom, probably even more elegantly as compared to the engineered stones such as quartz, as the sellers would frequently alleged.

Despite the prestigious reputation the granite countertops have, a few disadvantages are bedeviling it as well. First of all, granite is a quite porous stone, promptly requiring you to chemically sealed the pores to contain stain infiltration. Thankfully, the sealing process isn’t complicated, but you will be doing that regularly to maintain its beauty. Secondly, granite tends to be an expensive material.

Majority of the modern day homeowners are attracted by the luxurious appearance of marble countertops. This unique appearance of marble on your home can raise the value of home since it is mostly considered prestigious and sophisticated material. In addition to the prestige, marble countertops can be used as a surface for baking pie crusts, pastries, and other products. Marble countertops also exist in different colors designs, from delicate blue to vibrant blacks.

Nonetheless, marble countertops tend to scratch as they are softer than granite. On top of that, marble can easily get etched by the acids.

With the diverse styles, colors, designs and that marble and granite countertops offer, homeowners and builders can finally live in their outstanding homes that they have always wanted.

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